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Smartsims have developed a family of Online Business Simulations that encourage engagement and accelerate learning by giving students their own business experience. Students are immersed in the key concepts of business and strategy, as they interact in teams, managing their own simulated online organization.

Smartsims are a pioneer in the industry. We have been involved in education through simulation for over 20 years. Our simulations are used by Universities, Colleges, and High Schools; as well as Corporate Training and Certification Courses. Each year our simulations are used in close to 20 countries worldwide, and in the last decade we've had over 250,000 people use our simulations. Our customers come back year after year, and some have even won awards for the use of our simulations in their courses.

Our Simulations

Smartsims have a variety of simulations; each tailored for a particular course type and level.

  • MikesBikes-Advanced: Strategic Management Simulation
  • MikesBikes-Intro: Introduction to Business Simulation
  • Music2Go: Principles of Marketing Simulation
  • AdSim: Principles of Advertising Simulation

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Mikes Bikes Intro Business Simulation

Mikes Bikes Advanced Management Simulation

Music2Go Marketing Simulation

AdSim Advertising Simulation


We have two offices that serve our international customers; in Boston (USA) and in Auckland (New Zealand). By having offices on opposite sides of the globe, we are able to offer our Professors with 24/7 email and phone support, and all our students also receive 24/7 email support. We pride ourselves on our product and in the support that we offer. All of support staff are degree qualified, and the majority of our staff have been with the company 10+ years.


The original concept was conceived in 1990 by Dr Pete Mazany, while completing his PhD in Management Science at Yale University. Dr Mazany understood the limitations of traditional learning methodologies, and wanted to use computerized simulation to facilitate experiential learning, allowing students to translate the ideas taught in class into a live and dynamic case study.

In 1992, Dr Mazany put together a research and consulting team at the University of Auckland to develop a computerized simulation model. Through the early to mid-90's, we ran corporate training courses using an early incarnation of MikesBikes, to companies such as Microsoft and HP.

MikesBikes-Advanced Single-Player Box, Original 1997 Release MikesBikes-Advanced CD-Rom Box Set, 1997

We officially launched MikesBikes onto the education market in 1997, with distribution throughout New Zealand and Australia. This original product is the predecessor to our current MikesBikes-Advanced and MikesBikes-Intro simulations.

In 1998, we ran PowerStrat (Power Strategies Online), one of the world's first online business simulation competitions. 100 teams competed with the MikesBikes Multi-Player over 12 weeks and the competition was won by a team from Ericsson New Zealand.

In 1999, McGraw-Hill Irwin (USA) and Smartsims formed a strategic partnership to distribute simulations to the worldwide educational community.

From 2001, we established our Boston office and launched into the North American market through our current CEO, Dennis T. Gain. In partnership with McGraw-Hill, we also began developing additional business simulations to be bundled with their popular textbooks. These were released over the next few years as MikesBikes-Intro, Music2Go Marketing, and AdSim Advertising.

In 2009, through our partner iInteract, we established an office in Indore which serves our customers throughout the Republic of India.

In 2010 we welcomed Cengage Learning as a new worldwide publishing partner. All of our simulations are now available with their textbooks.

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Key People

Dennis T. Gain
President & Chief Executive Officer

Ian McPherson
Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Nick Hook
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Danny Master
Senior Account Manager

Brook McFarlane
Marketing Project Manager

Camille Canuto
Account Manager