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Flashback to MikesBikes Way Back When (2016-07-26)

A lot has changed since our 2002 feature within the New Zealand Herald.

Tutorial Video: How To Use Offline Mode (All Simulations) (2016-07-20)

Watch this tutorial video to be run through how to launch your firm in offline mode (works for all of our simulations) and understand the limitations of this.

Jaya, Maria And Rezyl Share Their Journey To First Place (2016-07-12)

Aether Bikes from Kings Own Institute share their experience and advice with us to help future students.

MikesBikes World Championship (2016-07-11)

The MikesBikes World Championship will take place at the end of the year to find the best MikesBikes team of 2016.

The Benefits Of Business Simulations (2016-07-07)

From improving student performance, engagement and improving meaningful learning; business simulations can improve your course in more ways than one.

Tutorial Video: How To Modify An Existing Product In MikesBikes-Advanced (2016-06-29)

View this latest news article that includes a step by step guide on how you can modify an existing product within MikesBikes-Advanced

Anthony McCollum Shares His Journey To The Hall Of Fame (2016-06-20)

Anthony tells us of his smartsims experience and his journey which lead him to reach 15th position in our MikesBikes-Advanced Hall of Fame

Latest Hall of Fame Updates (2016-06-07)

Updates from the Smartsims Hall of Fame showing the best peforming students of all-time, from around the World.

May 3rd MikesBikes-Intro Q&A Session (2016-06-03)

Check out some detailed responses to some of the best questions we have seen asked within our Q&A sessions.

Smartsims Unveils New Company Logo (2016-05-25)

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the Smartsims brand.

Tutorial Video: How To Launch A New Product (MikesBikes-Advanced) (2016-05-18)

Watch this video showing you how to launch a new product

The Solution to Student Dropout Rates (2016-05-13)

Student dropout rates are a big problem for universities and colleges throughout the world. This article outlines the issues which cause students to dropout and offers a number of solutions.

Common Mistakes in MikesBikes-Advanced (2016-04-27)

An article designed for students on the common mistakes made within MikesBikes-Advanced and how to fix them

The Art of War and MikesBikes (2016-04-14)

Six key messages from The Art of War to gain competitive advantage and lead you to victory!

How to Design a Business Course around MikesBikes-Advanced (2016-04-13)

Need help figuring out how to design your course around a simulation? This article is the first part in a series on how our clients are including our products within their courses.

Are my Students Engaged? Three Symptoms of Disengaged Students (2016-03-31)

Not all symptoms of disengaged students are obvious. This article lists three of the not-so obvious signs to watch out for as an Instructor.

University of Delaware Visits Smartsims (2016-01-25)

The University of Delawares Study Abroad program visits Smartsims for an afternoon of excitement, education and fun.

The Third Annual Iron Accountant Competition at Loyalist College (2015-06-05)

The Third Annual Iron Accountant Competition at Loyalist College

SOM Strategic Management Showcase at NJIT (2015-05-29)

First Annual Strategic Management Showcase at NJIT featuring our MikesBikes-Advanced Strategic Management Simulation

Takeovers in MikesBikes-Advanced (2015-05-18)

Ever wondered what the takeover feature is and how it all works? This optional feature in MikesBikes-Advanced can

Camille Canuto Joins The Smartsims Team (2015-03-29)

Newest Addition to The Smartsims Team

Innovation is needed if Tertiary Institutions want to survive, US speaker tells Kiwi summit (2014-08-12)

Kiwi Education Summit reveals the importance of innovation within the typical classroom

MikesBikes at Junior Achievement Week 2014 (2014-07-31)

Junior Achievement Business Week was a great success, featuring MikesBikes-Intro as one of the feature activities the high school students undertook during their journey.

AUT MikesBikes Prizegiving (2014-06-11)

AUT University concludes a successful Marketing Strategy course in Semester 2, 2013. MikesBikes-Intro has a deep and thought-provoking impact on students and lecturers alike yet again!

MCC Business Simulation Challenge (2014-05-30)

Scoreboard for the MCC MikesBikes Business Simulation Challenge Competition run by the Auckland University Management Consulting Club...

Fusion 2014: Anticipate. Adapt. Achieve. (2014-04-17)

The University of Waterloo features this years Fusion conference with great success! This years theme: Anticipate. Adapt. Achieve.

"Perhaps the Greatest and Most Effective Tool in Learning" (2014-02-16)

MikesBikes has been featured on the CSI and Drexel University websites.

E-Learning Trends in Todays Society (2013-10-14)

Recent Online Learning and E-learning trends in Todays Society. What are the benefits of this? How does Simulations come into play?

Brook McFarlane joins the Smartsims Team (2013-02-10)

Brook joins Smartsims, coming from the University of Auckland with a strong focus on Marketing, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Music2Go Updates for 2013 (2012-12-19)

We here at Smartsims are always looking to improve our simulations. We have taken on-board your feedback and have made the updates listed within.

David Kitlan of Penn State and MikesBikes (2012-09-03)

David Kitlan of Penn State shares his experience with our MikesBikes-Intro Business Simulation

MikesBikes Wiki Back Online (2012-07-19)

The BadDog Wiki - a great MikesBikes-Advanced Resource created by students and staff at the University of Auckland, is Online once again.

Simulations in your Classroom (2012-06-26)

Smartsims new promotional video - Find out the key benefits for Instructors and Students using our Simulations..

Desire2Learn Innovation Award (2012-06-18)

Congratulations to Bob Sproule, recipient of the 2012 Desire2Learn Innovation Award

2012 Business Teaching Summit at Drexel University (2012-05-09)

The LeBow College of Business Center for Teaching Excellence will be holding the 2nd annual Business Professor Teaching Summit (BPTS) at Drexel University on Friday, May 18, 2012.

Experiential Learning & Music2Go Marketing (2011-12-07)

Experiential Learning; using the Music2Go Marketing Simulation to focus on the individual for better learning outcomes.

Smartsims Feature at the Annual SMA Conference (2011-11-07)

Presentation on Smartsims Business Simulations at the Annual Conference of the Society for Marketing Advances.

The Modern Classroom & Smartsims (2011-08-29)

With technology becoming an essential feature of modern courses, how do Instructors keep up with online learning developments to keep their business courses current and relative?

Using Simulations for Seminars, Corporate Training and Team Building (2011-08-01)

Smartsims Business Simulations have been used within Corporate Training, Business Seminars and Team Building exercises globally for many years - with great success!

MCC MikesBikes Competition (2011-07-20)

The University of Aucklands Management Consulting Club holds their 5th Annual MikesBikes Competition

Designing your course around MikesBikes (2011-06-06)

Want to design your course around a business simulation? You’re not the first, and for good reason.

Social Media and Mobile Learning Trends in Education (2011-05-26)

Discover why Education Leaders have social media and mobile learning on their minds. Explore impactful, thought-provoking trends and find the prescriptive answers you need.

2011 National Business Olympiad (2011-05-10)

Smartsims India (iInteract) are launching the 2011 National Business Olympiad this month, using MikesBikes-Advanced across 70+ major cities for a grand prize of Rs 1,000,000.

Smartsims on Facebook (2011-04-26)

You can now find Smartsims us on Facebook to follow changes and discussions on MikesBikes-Advanced, MikesBikes-Intro, AdSim Advertising, and Music2Go Marketing.

Experiential Learning (2011-04-20)

The need for experiential learning in modern teaching methodologies, and the use of business simulations.

AHI: MikesBikes in Schools (2011-03-15)

AHIs Mikes Bikes Entrepreneurship Program in South African High Schools

Leaders of Tomorrow (2011-02-20)

Smartsims Business Simulations team up with the Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Program

Product Updates for 2011 (2011-01-27)

2011 H1 updates to MikesBikes-Intro, MikesBikes-Advanced, Music2Go Marketing, and AdSim Advertising

Website Updates for Jan 2011 (2011-01-25)

Simplified Instructor and Student course pages make running a Smartsims Business Simulation easier than ever

Welcome Back Nick Hammond (2011-01-23)

Nick Hammond will be re-joining Smartsims Business Simulations

2010 National Business Olympiad (2010-12-01)

Smartsims India (iInteract) holds their annual National Business Olympiad, using MikesBikes-Advanced across 17 major cities for a grand prize of Rs 1,00,000.

Wharton Joins Smartsims (2010-08-13)

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania joins Smartsims using Music2Go Marketing Simulation in their Introduction to Marketing Course (MKTG101)

Knowledge is power and the key to job placements (2010-05-23)

Smartsims Business Simulations CEO, Dennis Gain, visits BM College in India to share his experience and knowledge with their students.

Corporate Training for MAHLE - April Course (2010-04-15)

Corporate training for MAHLE using the Strategic Management Business Simulation MikesBikes Advanced.

Red Deer - Selkirk - Auckland MikesBikes Competition (2010-01-19)

The second annual Canadian Colleges MikesBikes competition between Red Deer College, Selkirk, and the University of Auckland.

Waterloo MikesBikes Awards Ceremony (2010-01-19)

Bikes R Us were convincing winners in the 2009 Waterloo Introduction to Business Accounting class MikesBikes competition.

Podcasting and Business Simulations (2010-01-19)

Article on using Podcasting to support students using a business simulation

Quinnipiac Team Day (2010-01-19)

Introduction to Business students spend a day learning the value of Teamwork. Steven Gain from Smartsims goes along to help out.

SIBO Launches in Jabalpur (2009-10-29)

The Smartsims India Business Olympiad (SIBO) launched in Jabalpur on 26th October, and the Mumbai Round is underway.

Awards Night for 2009 MikesBikes MCC Competition (2009-10-03)

The 2nd of October saw the University of Auckland’s Business School play host to the Management Consultancy Club’s 2009 awards ceremony, where the winners of the annual MCC MikesBikes Challenge were crowned.

Smartsims India Launches (2009-07-24)

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Smartsims office in Indore, India headed by Pranav Sanghvi...

Case Study of MikesBikes in a Business Course (2009-07-15)

Journal of Instructional Techniques in Finance (JITF) case study about how the MikesBikes Simulation is used to teach Capital Structure and Dividend Policy in an Intro to Business Course.

Danny Master joins the Smartsims Team (2009-06-29)

Danny Master joins Smartsims, Danny brings with him strengths in Management and Finance, as well as experience in Customer Support. Danny looks forward to working with all.