MikesBikes Walkthrough Video (Mac Users / browser version)

Short overview of using the web browser version of MikesBikes-Intro

You can control the video player with the following keyboard shortcuts. press the space key or enter key to start / stop video playback. The letter M key will Mute and Unmute video volume. Up and Down arrows will Increase and decrease volume by 10% and the Right and Left arrows will Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds. number keys 0 to 9 will do jump to x% of the video. eg. 0 key jumps to start of video. The 5 key jumps to 50% of the video. The letter F key will enter or exit fullscreen. (Note: You may have to use the Esc key to exit fullscreen if the flash player is being used by your web browser). press the space key or enter key to start video playback.
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