Monthly Archives: October 2010

SIBO Launches in Jabalpur

Smartsims India is pleased to announce SIBO, a nationwide competition for business students.

SIBO is a fun and engaging way to learn more about business and put your skills to the test against other like minded students.

The first round in Jabalpur this week was a great success. Over the two day event the competitors learned to think cross functionally and grapple with all the issues involved in running a business in a competitive marketplace.

The Mumbai round is currently underway. If you are based in India, then head over to the Smartsims India website and get in touch with Pranav and his team to join.


Waterloo MikesBikes Awards Ceremony

Professor Bob Sproule at the University of Waterloo has used MikesBikes Intro in his Introduction to Business Accounting course for the past 5 years. This class has a number of different sources of marks from the variety of activities. It is a course that introduces students to different subject areas such as marketing, ethics, and human resources.

On the 4th of December the University of Waterloo held a Ceremony for the winners of the MikesBikes-Intro simulation that was used in the FallAFM 131 Course.

Out of 299 teams, Bikes R Us with Nina Zhang, Wasiq Chughtai, Rishi Sritharan & Alex Manoukian were convincing winners posting a Shareholder Value (SHV) of $83.03.

With a successful strategy of producing high quality bikes, paying off debt, repurchasing shares and issuing dividends to their shareholders, Bikes R Us ran away from their competitors.

Bikes R Us increased their Gross Margin each year, which lead to an increase in cash for the Company. The ever growing amount of cash allowed them to implement their strategy of repurchasing shares and issuing dividends to their shareholders.

Congratulations from all of us at Smartsims.