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2010 National Business Olympiad

Smartsims India (iInteract) conducted Simulations across India this year as part of their National Business Olympiad.

National Business Olympiad is a business simulation competition using MikesBikes-Advanced, conducted specially for management students with an intention to test their strategic frame of mind and conceptual skills in Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Operations and R&D.

This event was conducted across 17 major cities, with the grand finale held at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahemedabad on 26th – 28th November, 2010 during their 50th year celebration flagship summit Confluence 2010.

Confluence 2010 is the second largest Business School festival behind IIM Calcutta’s Intaglio. Over the years, Confluence has attracted participation from business schools across India as well as abroad. It hosts events from all the standard arenas of Management – Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and IT and Operations. Many distinguished speakers and industry leaders share their knowledge, and the event provides a platform to budding managers to apply their skills in various games and events organized during the meet, including the MikesBikes competition. 

There were around 72 teams in the finals of the event at Confluence 2010. In addition to Business Schools, a few corporate house teams also participated in the event.

Students from Ahmedabad based “Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India” took all the 3 positions in the finals, making it a clean sweep.

The team of Ankur Joshi, Pawan Kumari and Anshul Goel showed their managerial skills and acumen to emerge as winners. The first runners up and the second runners up were the teams from FMS, Dhaula Kuan, Delhi and IMS – Noida respectively.

Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former IPS Officer was the Chief Guest at the award presentation ceremony and she presented certificates to the winning team members. The award also consists of a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000.

Some of the notable among the registered participating colleges were FMS, IIFT, Jaypee Business School, FMS – Rural Management Institute (Jaipur), EMPI, IMS – Noida, Galgotia Business School, IITM, Technia.

MikesBikes-Advanced is a Strategic Management Simulation by Smartsims Business Simulations. MikesBikes gives students the unique opportunity of running their own company, while competing against other students, within a realistic and dynamic environment.

Students form the management team of their own Bicycle Manufacturing Company, making all the key functional decisions. They will analyze real Market and Financial reports, and collaborate with each other to formulate, implement, and review their own cross-functional strategic plan.

Experiential Learning & Music2Go Marketing

Experiential Learning is a highly effective educational tool, and a key feature that sets our Simulations apart from other teaching methods.

Experiential Learning focuses on the learning process for the individual, through observation and interaction with the subject they are learning about rather than the traditional process of learning from a textbook.

Katie Matthew recently spoke at the Annual Conference of the Society for Marketing Advances in Memphis, Tennessee about her integration of ourMusic2Go Marketing Simulation in her Introductory Marketing Course, and how this has added value by bringing Experiential Learning to her classroom. Katie is a Major in the U.S. Army and Instructor at The United States Military Academy at West Point.

Some of the key benefits of Music2Go that she mentioned included the following:

  • Encouraged more student engagement/involvement;
  • Produced better learning outcomes;
  • Students indicated they preferred this style of learning;
  •  Better prepared students to make real-world decisions.

Katie fully embraced the Experiential Learning process by having Music2Go as the “Major Event” for her course. She notes that the “time tested and proven” nature of the Music2Go software, which included teaching resources and 24 hour support played a big part in adopting the Simulation. Another feature she mentions that is typical with Experiential Learning is the immediate feedback students receive on their decisions, which enables them to see what works and what doesn’t. Whether or not decisions are optimal, the results give students a clear and immediate insight into the linkages between functional decision areas – something not possible with traditional learning methods.

“It helped us apply what we learned in class; to see the how wrong or how right we were in making decisions. This experience can’t be replaced except by real life.”

From an educator’s point of view, Katie enjoys the flexibility that Music2Go gives her, with adjustable timelines that can change with course needs, and the ability to easily monitor student performance. She has adopted a “Consultant” role to students, giving teams the option of approaching her for guidance on certain decision areas, and is able to deduct a virtual “fee” from their Marketing Budget within the simulation. This further enhances the real-world feel that the Simulation brings to the classroom, while encouraging participation.

“I enjoyed it so much more because of the competitive aspect it offered. I also learned more because it is a nice change of pace to move away from the books and to see what we would be doing if we actually were in marketing as a profession.”

To be truly effective, Experiential Learning needs to incorporate the entire learning wheel – from goal setting, to experimenting and observing, to reviewing, and finally action planning. The complete process allows students to learn new skills, new attitudes and entirely new ways of thinking.

To see how you can bring Experiential Learning to your classroom via our Music2Go Marketing Simulation, or any of our other simulations, feel free to contact the Smartsims Sales Team at


Credit to Katie Matthew, Bill Madway, and the Society for Marketing Advances – see below links for full SMA publications.

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