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Question of the Week: How do we access reports from previous years?

Online Version of the Simulation:

MikesBikes Introduction

Most of the historical financial information you will require is in the Industry Benchmark Report. We have each year’s Industry Benchmark Report available under the “All Reports” menu at the bottom of the left-hand menu. Then click on ‘Industry Reports’ and then on the drop-down box within the main screen you will find Industry Benchmark reports for every year of the simulation. You will also find that you also have access to previous Market Summary – All Product Details Report under this menu.

Previous Reports

MikesBikes Advanced

You also have access to some historical financial information by going to the All Reports menu, then Financial Reports.

You have access to the following financial reports:

  • Income Statement History
  • Balance Sheet History
  • Cashflow Statement History

historical financial report

Windows/Software Version of the Simulation:

To access previous reports, you will need to use the Offline Mode (File> Play Offline or click on the “Offline” button) then Rollback to the required year.

Step 1: Click the “Offline” button.

offline mode

Step 2: Click Ok

Offline Mode

Step 3: Rollback to the required year to obtain your previous reports

Offline Mode

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