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1. An important task in marketing your product is to identify what your customers want. This will increase demand for your products, and therefore, Sales. Market Research on the bicycle industry has been provided for you on the Market Information report. An excerpt of this report is below which displays how sensitive each market segment is to different areas.

Market Sensitivities for MikesBikes Advanced Quiz

Based off this, which would be the better product strategy for a Commuter Bike?
2. Calculation for working out total capacity scu in mikesbikes advanced
If the above calculation is used to calculate Total Capacity SCU and your firm currently has:
  • 20,000 Factory Workforce Capacity SCU
  • 15,000 Plant Capacity SCU

Your firm has entered the current decisions for:
  • Increasing Factory Workforce Capacity SCU by 5,000
  • Increasing Plant Capacity SCU by 10,000

What then would be your Total Capacity SCU for the coming rollover?
3. What will cause your Product Development Project to fail?
4. Why is it important to consider both retail price and retail margin when making marketing decisions?
5. Before heavily investing in quality, what do you need to consider?
6. Which is the best media channel to promote your bikes through?
7. Which decision area affects Shareholder Value the most?
8. What does the Manufacturing Process decision of Supplier Relations expenditure achieve?
9. What factors contribute to your distribution rating?
10. Which of the following statements is correct?

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