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How to use the Smartsims Support Center

Option 1: Search the Support Center

Use the search bar to type in any question or keyword:

Smartsims support search bar


Option 2: Browse Specific Help Topics

The Support Center home page also features help topics:

smartsims support help topics categories

Then navigate sub-categories:

simulation common questions page

Selecting a title will display the help article:

viewing a help article

Still need help?

Click on the Contact Us button to send a message to our Help Desk Team.

Launch the Smartsims Support Center

Accessing Other Simulation Resources

There are a number of other resources available for you to use to get familiar with our simulations.

  • Player’s Manuals: Which explains in detail each functional area of the simulation.
  • QuickStart Guides: Give a brief overview of the simulation and each functional area.
  • Video Tutorials: Our tutorials take you through an example process of analyzing reports and making company decisions.