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Brand Positioning Decisions in AdSim

Brand Positioning refers to the key messages that you want customers to associate with your brand so it has a distinctive place in your customers’ minds.

Using the left-menu you must choose four messages that will feature in your advertising campaign. These are Target (who is your target audience), Benefit, Proof (focus feature in your campaign), and the Theme.

All the messages on the Brand Positioning screens about your Smartphones are true. You just need to select the option that will appeal the most to your target market.

Purchase the Market Survey of Customer Needs report (on the right-hand side of the decision screen) to find out which Brand Positioning messages appeal the most to the New and Repeat Customer segments.

How do I track my Brand Positioning performance?

Your decisions will result in a Brand Positioning Rating. This is a rating from 1 to 100
on how well your chosen messages resonated with customers. You can see your
Brand Positioning Rating and how it compares to the Industry Average Rating at the
right of the screen.

After the first rollover, you should purchase the Brand Positioning Study see in more detail how your competitors’ brand positioning performed, and what messages your competitors chose to use last year.

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