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How do I Register for the Simulation?

For courses where individual student registration is required, this is completed through the Smartsims Business Simulation website.

1) Log into the Smartsims Website

login to smartsims
Smartsims Homepage

Go to www.smartsims.com and enter your login and password.






If you do not have your login details you can use our login and password finder.

2) Begin Registration

click here to register from the course page

  • Select the Click here to Register button.

registration click next to continue


  • Click Next to continue.




3) Select your Preferred Payment Method

The following course payment options may be applicable to your course:

Credit Card Payment: We accept Visa and Mastercard.
Prepaid Access Codes: Optional extra which may have been supplied with your course textbook or purchased from your university/college bookstore.

If your course allows Prepaid Access Codes you will be presented with the two options below:

Select Prepaid Access Code or Credit Card

Credit Card Payment

For payment by Credit Card select “I DO NOT Have A Prepaid Access Code”.

4) Entering a Prepaid Access Code

  • enter your prepaid access codeEnter your Prepaid Access Code and click Next.



A Smartsims Prepaid Access Code will be in this format ABCD-123456-123456 (include the dashes).

prepaid access code enter your details


  • Enter your details and click “Next”.



confirm registration details prepaid access code

  • Click “I Accept – Submit Now”.







My Prepaid Access Code did not work!

If you have a Prepaid Access Code but are not given the option to enter it, contact our Helpdesk.

5) Making Payment by Credit Card

registration enter your payment details

  • Enter your Payment Details and click “Next”.






registration enter your credit card details

  • Enter your Credit Card details (We accept Visa and MasterCard) and click “I Accept – Submit Now”.







If you have any problems with your payment or with registration contact our Helpdesk.

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