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What is MikesBikes Introduction & How Does it Work?

MikesBikes Introduction is our Introduction to Business Simulation.

In MikesBikes Intro, you are given your own bicycle manufacturing company to manage. Each simulation year you will be introduced to new decision areas for your company:

  • Year 1 Decisions: Sales and Marketing only
  • Year 2 New Decisions: The addition of Distribution and Branding
  • Year 3 New Decisions: The addition of Operations and Finance (debt)
  • Year 4 New Decisions: The addition of  Product Development, Launch New Product and Finance (equity)
  • Year 5 and Beyond: Additional New Products Available.

The primary goal of your company is to enrich its shareholders (owners) by providing a return on their investment in your company. This is measured by the amount of Shareholder Value (SHV) you can create in comparison to your competitors.

How to get started

When the simulation begins, you will be sent your login details by either your instructor or by Smartsims.

  1. Log into the Smartsims website with the login details emailed to you.
  2. You may need to register for your simulation.
  3. Launch your company by clicking on the blue launch button.


Rollover is the term used to describe moving from one year (decision period) to the next. A Rollover will process your currently entered decisions in the simulation for the year ahead.

Single-Player & Multi-Player

MikesBikes Introduction has two phases of the simulation. It is important that you know the difference between these phases, and that you are entering your decisions in the correct World.


Some courses will not use the simulation as described below, please check your Course Outline for more information.

Single-Player Phase: In the Single-Player you will compete against a single computer-controlled competitor. In the Single-Player you are able to roll forward into the next decision period/year or roll back as you wish in order to test and change your decisions.

Multi-Player Phase: In the Multi-Player you will compete either individually or in teams against other student-run companies in your class. Moving from one year (decision period) to the next is done by automatic rollover on pre-set dates scheduled by your instructor.

Player’s Manual

Video Tutorials

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