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What are Rollovers in the Simulation?

Rollover is the term used to describe moving from one virtual year (decision period) in the simulation to the next. A Rollover processes the currently entered decisions for your company and your competitors. Results from the previous year are then displayed for you to view.

Single-Player Rollovers

Rollovers in the Single-Player are manually controlled by you. The Single-Player is designed for you to familiarize yourself with the simulation and test your decisions before the Multi-Player begins.

single-player rollover menu

From the Single-Player Rollover menu, you are able to rollover into the next decision period/year, rollback or reset the decision periods as you wish in order to test and change your decisions.


Some courses will have a limit on the maximum number of Rollovers, or restrictions on Rolling back and Restoring in the Single-Player.

Multi-Player Rollovers

Rollovers in the Multi-Player occur automatically on scheduled dates determined by your course instructor. Before each, you or your team, must have all of your decisions for the year ahead entered into each of the decision fields in the Multi-Player simulation interface.

multi player rollover schedule menu

The Multi-Player Rollover Schedule menu enables you to view the scheduled and completed rollovers for your course.

Do I need to click a submit button before the Multi-Player Rollover?

There is no submit button that you need to click before the Multi-Player Rollover. Clicking the “Apply” button after making the change to the decision field saves the change both on-screen and on our simulation server.

To double check all of your decisions in one location view the Currently Entered Decisions report under the Key Reports menu.

MikesBikes Advanced

If you are using MikesBikes Advanced, you may have a Double Rollover scheduled for the Multi-Player phase of your course. 

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