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Quality Decisions in MikesBikes Advanced

The quality of your finished products is determined by both internal quality decisions and a final external quality check.

Internal quality relates to the level of Quality Systems Technology implemented in your factory. Internal quality is also affected by the Average Salary and Training Hours of staff. Preventative Maintenance and Supplier Relations affect the number of defects resulting from machinery. These factors combine to give you a product defect rate.

External quality is determined by the proportion of finished bikes that are inspected before leaving the factory (Inspection Rate). This gives your company a Quality rating.

Quality Systems Technology (Internal Quality)

Investment in quality systems requires installing specialist equipment to monitor the
manufacturing process and identify product defects at the source.

This technology is expensive but is most cost-effective for high production volumes.

Inspection Rate (External Quality)

Once your bikes have been produced, a final quality control inspection identifies product defects before they reach the customer. Not every product is checked, but instead a sample percentage is inspected.

Keep in mind that a high inspection rate is expensive as production volumes climb, but inspection levels will have an immediate impact on your Quality rating.

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