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Sustainable Manufacturing in MikesBikes Advanced

The MikesBikes Advanced Business Simulation enables you to become an ethical supplier of bicycles in the industry.

Sustainable Manufacturing is a process which aims to produce goods with minimum wastage, energy, and natural resources, while maximizing benefit to employees.

You can choose one or more Sustainable Manufacturing options:

Important: You can choose multiple options. Click on an option to select or deselect it.

Relevant information and reports are available on the right-hand side of your screen:

Sustainable Manufacturing expenditure combines with your Social Responsibility expenditure (under Brand Promotion) to give you a CSR rating. Your Sustainable Manufacturing choices do not affect your Brand Awareness.

Also note that the cost of your Sustainable Manufacturing options increases as you increase the size of your factory and buy more capacity. For example, if you double your factory capacity, then the cost of the sustainable manufacturing options will also double. So remember to keep checking your Live Forecast at the right of the screen to ensure that you can afford your selections.

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