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Human Resource (HR) Decisions in MikesBikes Advanced

The Human Resources (HR) screen enables you to set the average salary level for your staff and the number of hours allocated each year for training your workforce.

Average Salary

You will need to set the average salary amount which will be paid to your workforce for the year ahead:

The average salary level you set will affect not only your bottom line but also worker motivation and effectiveness. Workers are more motivated and productive when they are paid more and when they are well trained.

Poorly motivated and poorly trained workers can contribute to significant staff turnover. That becomes expensive because each worker that is replaced costs $6000 to replace and each new worker arrives with a low level of training.


You must decide how much time each worker spends training for their role. This is measured in number of hours per annum.

While training has the negative impact of taking staff away from day-to-day tasks, in the long-term it will increase the skill level of these workers making them more productive so you will require fewer workers to run your factory. In addition, training reduces the number of defects produced so will improve your Internal Quality.

Your factory operates for 2000 hours per year. So, if you provide your workers with 100 hours of training then that will use 5% of your factory’s productive capacity. However be aware that this is a long term investment and it may take you several years and a few hundred hours of training to develop a highly skilled workforce.

You can judge your Training progress by your worker Skill Rating (0-100).

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