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How the Final Double Rollover works in MikesBikes Advanced

If you are using MikesBikes Advanced your course may feature a double-rollover to conclude the simulation.

A double-rollover means that the simulation will rollover twice. These will be simultaneous so you won’t be able to log in during the rollovers or make any changes. This process ensures that there are no end-game strategies to manipulate a company’s final shareholder value.

How should I plan for the Double Rollover?

You only need to enter your decisions once before the final double-rollover. All of your decisions will be processed for the first rollover, while for the second rollover a specific group of decisions won’t be repeated. These are:

  • Hire/Fire Workers
  • Buy/Sell Plant
  • Raise/Repurchase Equity
  • Raise/Repay Long-Term Debt
  • Product Development Decisions
  • Takeover and Owned Company Decisions (if applicable)

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