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Factory Capacity in MikesBikes Advanced

What is factory capacity?

Your factory capacity is measured in standard capacity units (SCU) and determines the maximum number of bikes you can produce for the year ahead.

Each of your products requires a certain amount of SCU to produce. For example your mountain bike initially requires one SCU to produce one bike. As you conduct product development to reduce a product’s prime cost, its SCU requirements will also decrease enabling more bikes to be produced with the same factory capacity.

When do I need to purchase or sell factory capacity?

As your factory capacity requirements change you will be notified on the Capacity screen how many additional SCU you require. Alternatively, too much capacity will be indicated by large idle time. A range of 10-15% idle time is reasonable but any more indicates you have too much capacity for your production requirements.

How do I read the pie chart on the right of screen?

The pie chart on the right of screen shows a forecast of how much of your factory capacity for the coming year will be used for production (in blue) and then how much of that capacity will be lost to various types of wastage and training.

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