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Buying / Selling Factory Capacity in MikesBikes Introduction

Increasing your company’s Factory Capacity is done through the Factory Capacity menu (under the Operations top-menu, available from year 3 of the simulation).

Buying or Selling Factory Capacity

Click on either “Buy” or “Sell” and then enter the number of Standard Capacity Units (SCU) you require:

One SCU will cost you $200. So if you purchase 1,000 addition SCU this will cost you $200,000.

Note: Each year companies can double their current Factory Capacity (or at least at a minimum of 25,000 SCU), or up to a maximum number of SCU that your company can afford.

How much SCU do I need?

When your production requirements exceed available Factory Capacity you will be notified on the Pricing & Production screen and on the Factory Capacity screen. The message will specify the quantity of SCU required. Example:

Calculating Required SCU Manually

A manual calculation can also be made using the following formula:

Total SCU required = Planned Production x SCU required per unit / Efficiency%

  • Road Bikes require 1 SCU per unit to produce
  • Mountain Bikes require 0.50 SCU per unit to produce
  • Kids Bikes require 0.25 SCU per unit to produce

Note: You can reduce the amount of wastage in your factory by investing more in Efficiency.

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