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What is Offline Mode in MikesBikes Advanced?

In MikesBikes Advanced, the Multi-Player Simulation features a unique Offline Mode which creates a copy of your live simulation to test different decisions and strategies.

To start Offline Mode, click the Offline button in your Multi-Player or on your course webpage after logging into www.smartsims.com.

How does Offline Mode work?

In Offline Mode, your competitors use only their default decisions. So don’t read too much into the results. For instance in Offline Mode you might launch new products into empty markets and do very well due to the lack of competition. But if you use those same decisions in the Multi-Player, you could do poorly if the other firms choose to launch new products at the same time. So always think about what might happen if your competitors were to do something differently.


After using Offline Mode, your team’s agreed decisions need to be re-entered in the Multi-Player. You may find it helpful to export or print the Decision Report(s) when in Offline Mode first.

To re-enter your decisions, Disconnect from Offline mode, Login to the Multi-Player, then re-enter all your decisions. Double-check by comparing the current decisions report against the ones you exported or printed in Offline Mode.

Offline Mode is Optional

Some instructors only allow the use of Offline Mode during the first couple of periods of the Multi-Player simulation, and some prefer to have Offline Mode disabled for the entire course.

Tutorial Video: Using Offline Mode

Have a look at our tutorial video which explains using the Offline Mode in further detail:

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