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How to Add a New Product in MikesBikes Introduction

After the third rollover, you will have the option of launching a product into one of the two new market segments; the Kids or the Road markets.

This can be done through the Home screen:

Or through the top menu:

Add New Product Decision Screen

  1. Give your new product a name.
  2. Select which market you want your new product to compete in.
  3. Finally select Save.

Your new product will then be available through the top menu or your Home screen. You will need to enter a Retail Price, Advertising, Sales Forecast and Production decisions for your new product.


  • Launching a new product will cost you $1 million.
  • You will be able to launch additional new products in subsequent years / decision periods (up to a maximum of five products unless this limit has been extended by your course instructor).
  • Launching multiple products into the same market segment should be done with caution. This can be expensive and cannibalize market share of your other product.

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