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Our Principles of Advertising simulation gives students the opportunity to formulate and implement their own Advertising and Promotion Campaign within their own company.

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The AdSim Advertising simulation is specifically designed for Advertising courses.

  • Students run the advertising campaign for the Digital Camera division of a large Consumer Electronics Corporation.
  • Each decision period, students will undertake Market Research and analyse Market Data to formulate their own Advertising and Promotion Campaign within a competitive environment, just like Advertising Executives in the real world
  • They will make all the key functional decisions involved in procuring new Sales - through the selection of an Advertising Agency based on their specific media and communication goals, as well as the retention of existing Sales - through Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warranties and After Sales Support, while keeping to a fixed Advertising Budget
  • Students compete against others in their course in an online multiplayer environment. The competitive element of AdSim makes the simulation so enjoyable for students, while encouraging involvement and learning in a way that no other teaching methodology can
  • AdSim uses a dynamic marketplace so that students must continually analyze the changing market and understand the needs of their customers, therefore reinforcing the importance of planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy.
  • AdSim complements traditional Advertising Texts such as the Arens, Belch & Belch, and Duncan textbooks from McGraw-Hill.

"The simulation was a great learning tool - it helped us to understand concepts quickly in addition to reading the books."

Teaching Resources

AdSim comes complete with full documentation (Instructors and Players Manuals), and in-game help files to assist students. As an Instructor you will also have access to our Online Administrator enabling you to monitor the simulation in as much or as little detail as you wish.

Setting up your simulation is easy, just email us your class list and we will take care of the rest! We also offer world class support for Instructors and Students, with 24/7 support via email and phone.

"The simulation allowed us to see what it's like running our own advertising company while competing against other companies managed by real people."

AdSim is being successfully used in Advertising Courses throughout the World to introduce the key concepts of business. Your students will join the hundreds of thousands around the World that have thoroughly enjoyed our Business Simulations and continue to inform us it's the highlight of their qualification!