MikesBikes Accounting
Management Accounting Simulation

MikesBikes Accounting is a fun and highly instructive means of teaching Business Strategy and Management Accounting.

Students are given the reigns to an existing company which is in need of their help. They must analyze real Financial Statements and Market Reports, and collaborate with each other to implement an improved cross-functional Strategy. Their performance is measured against a Balanced Scorecard featuring 12 Key Performance Indicators set by their Board of Directors.

The dynamic marketplace and competitive nature of the simulation ensures that students must continue to adapt their strategy to the changing market and their competitor’s decisions. The competitive element of MikesBikes builds excitement and makes the whole experience fun for both instructors and students.

Note: Not suitable for Financial Accounting courses as the simulation has its own financial reporting inbuilt.

Recommended For:

  • Management Accounting
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Chartered Accounting Accreditation
  • Accounting Certification

Benefits of
MikesBikes Accounting

Strategic Management

Engage students in course content through the development, implementation and reflection of strategic plans.

Market-Orientated Approach

Students must adapt their strategy to meet the changing needs of customers.

Cross-functional Management

MikesBikes-Advanced covers all major business functions; presenting students with the complexities of cross-functional management.

Student Employability

Real-world challenges provide students with on-the-job experience.

Case Studies