MikesBikes Introduction
Foundations of Business Simulation

MikesBikes Introduction features a unique structure which allows students to gradually build confidence. This is achieved by progressively giving students control over their own company. They will initially determine the price and marketing mix for their only product. Each subsequent decision period they are given additional decision areas to manage to provide an insight into distribution, operations and finance; as well as the task of launching new products into emerging markets.

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    Business Fundamentals

    Develop an understanding of business through an interactive-live case study.

    Analysis skills

    By interacting with real business decision and reports students develop both hard and soft skills.

    Cross-functional Management

    Teach students how all functional areas of business work together to achieve company goals.

    Hands-on Experience

    Research shows that students prefer to get hands-on with content rather than being “taught at”.

    Recommended For:

    • Foundations of Business
    • Introduction to Business
    • Business Administration
    • Business and Society
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Business Organization and Management
    • Leadership for Business
    • Small Business Management
    • Business Concepts
    • Management Principles

    Case Studies

    Hear From Others

    Professor Jodi Cataline and her freshmen cohort discuss how MikesBikes improves teaching through its unique hands-on approach. Jodi describes how the simulations allow her to move beyond purely academic forms of business education. She extracts terminology and concepts from her teaching material and challenges her students to use it in the MikesBikes simulation. Drexel students are prepared and confident to enter the workforce after completing the MikesBikes simulation.

      Trial Access is for Faculty / Instructors Only. Students please log in or contact us.

      Professor Darl Kolb and Andrew Patterson from the University of Auckland share why they love using Smartsims Business Simulations in their courses. “It is truly a great foundation and a platform for students to learn and develop. It’s come to the point where I really cannot imagine teaching my subject without the simulation. Smartsims’ simulation enables me to do things with my students that I could not accomplish in any other way.”

        Trial Access is for Faculty / Instructors Only. Students please log in or contact us.


        Smartsims Simulations adapt to courses of any length or size and have been extensively used across courses of all types (on-campus, online and mixed).

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        Standard implementation has the simulation structured in two phases; Single-Player and Multi-Player. Students start with the Single-Player where they compete against a computer opponent and control moving back/forth through decision periods (which we term rollovers).

        When you are ready students move onto the Multi-Player phase where they compete against other students in your course (either in teams or individually). Students meet regular scheduled decision deadlines at times determined by you.

        The simulation is typically implemented across the semester but can easily be compressed down to shorter periods. contact us to request an example outline.

        How you grade the simulation is completely up to you. Each simulation has key performance indicator/s which can be graded. We also have a wide-range of quizzes and assignments which can be integrated into your LMS.

        We offer support to you and your students by email and phone. Our team is available up to you and your students by email and phone, up to 16 hours each day. The Support Center is available 24/7. We can also mentor specific students/teams at your request.

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        You monitor the simulation through our online Administrator feature. Through the Administrator you can track overall performance, course rankings and student activity.

        The standard approach is simply to send us your class list and Smartsims takes care of the rest. However, we can also enable automated setup through your LMS.

        Our simulations are web applications which run within any commonly used internet browser. So they can be used on Windows, Apple and Android computers and devices, including tablets and smartphones.

        We have a wide range of options available from direct payment through our website, purchasing through the bookstore, or through one of our publishing partners (Cengage, McGraw-Hill, Wiley). We can also arrange to invoice the school/college/university.

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