Corporate Training

Smartsims’ corporate business simulations provide your staff with a fun, competitive, team-based learning activity to facilitate powerful experiences that will challenge them and provide life-long learning. You can choose from a range of simulations to suit the course or event requirements, and the level of your staff’s experience.

Companies including Microsoft, Intel and HP have used Smartsims’ Business Simulations as a way to offer cross-functional training to middle-managers and rising stars. Corporate business simulations have a track record encourage a better understanding of all the functions that are important in the efficient running of a company. In addition, they allow staff to learn through trial and error without the risk and costs of mistakes that are ever present in the real-world.

Note: We do not offer event facilitation but can train your facilitators to administer our simulations and educate participants on managing their own companies.

Recommended For:

  • Management Training
  • Company Conferences
  • Executive Events
  • Team Building Activity
  • Cross-Functional Training

Benefits of
Smartsims Business Simulations

Strategic Management

Engage students in course content through the development, implementation and reflection of strategic plans.

Business Acumen

Participants must adapt their strategy to meet the changing needs of customers.

Cross-functional Management

MikesBikes-Advanced covers all major business functions; presenting students with the complexities of cross-functional management.

Leadership Development

Promotion of discussion, critical analysis, and conflict management skills.

Case Studies