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Our premier Strategic Management Simulation provides students with the unique opportunity to evaluate, plan, and implement strategy as they manage their own company within a realistic-competitive environment.

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Through our interactive interface students will be taught the cross-functional disciplines of business, and how the development and implementation of strategy involves these disciplines. The competitive element of MikesBikes encourages students to understand these principles and have fun doing it!

  • Students form the management team of a Bicycle Manufacturing company making all the key functional decisions involving Price, Marketing, Distribution, Finance, Operations, HR, and R&D
  • Students analyze real financial reports and market data. MikesBikes-Advanced also has detailed Operations and Cost Accounting reports
  • Formulate a comprehensive strategy, starting with your existing product. Then adapt as you develop new products for emerging markets
  • Students compete against others in their course in an online multiplayer environment. The competitive nature of MikesBikes makes the simulation so enjoyable for students, while encouraging involvement and learning in a way that no other teaching methodology can
  • MikesBikes uses a dynamic marketplace so that students must continually analyze the changing market and understand the needs of their customers, therefore will reinforce the importance of planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy.
  • Takeovers / Mergers and Acquisitions (optional). Face a greater challenge by buying your competitors and dealing with their management teams.
  • Suited to 3rd year and higher Business Strategy / Capstone, MBA, Management Accounting, and Professional Certification courses.

"The simulation is an exciting and fun learning experience. As well as learning about business, this simulation makes it possible to run a business hands on."

MikesBikes-Advanced is our original business simulation, developed by Professors who were frustrated with traditional teaching tools (such as case studies), and has since been extensively used Worldwide within a range of College and University courses, to MBA level and Corporate training courses. Companies including Microsoft and HP have used MikesBikes-Advanced as a way to offer cross-functional training to middle-managers and rising stars, encouraging a better understanding of all the functions that are important in the efficient running of a company.

"Using the simulation helped us to understand how all the different functional areas affect our overall firm's performance."

Teaching Resources

MikesBikes-Advanced comes complete with full documentation (Instructors and Players Manuals), online resources (presentations, assignments, quizzes), and in-game help files to assist students. As an Instructor you will also have access to our Online Administrator enabling you to monitor the simulation in as much or as little detail as you wish.

Setting up your simulation is easy, just email us your class list and we will take care of the rest! We also offer world class support for Instructors and Students, with 24/7 support via email and phone.

"The simulation was so addictive - every year there was a new objective. It made me think about my decisions and how they would affect my performance in relation to my competitors."

Your students will thrive on the competitive nature of MikesBikes and join the hundreds of thousands around the World that have thoroughly enjoyed the MikesBikes business strategy game and continue to inform us it's the highlight of their qualification!