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How to Launch a New Product in MikesBikes Advanced

In Year 2 (after the first rollover) you can launch a new product through either the Marketing top menu or your company’s Home page:

Select a New Product

The New Product screen enables you to add a second product in either the Kids, Road,
Electric or Cruiser markets:

Clicking on one of the market options displays information on the market segment,
launch cost, recommended retail price, estimated market size, product specification
rating, prime cost and SCU per unit to produce.

All new products will cost you $1m and may require you to increase your factory
capacity. However, increasing your product range is key to future success.

Choose a product name and color then click Save. Your new product will now be
available under the Marketing menu and on your company’s Home page. You will
then be able to make decisions for your new product.

Delete Product

If you have launched a new product by mistake or simply need to consolidate your product range, a product can be deleted through the Product screen by clicking on the Delete Product button at the bottom left of screen.

Any existing inventory will be dumped and incur a dump cost.

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