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Using the Live Forecast in MikesBikes Introduction

What is the Live Forecast in MikesBikes Introduction?

The Live Forecast feature in the MikesBikes Introduction to Business Simulation is located at the top-right of all decision screens. This enables you to easily see the impact of individual decision changes on overall performance.

Live Forecast Feature in MikesBikes Introduction

How Does it Work?

The Live Forecast displays two key metrics; Profit & Cash.

MikesBikes Intro to Business Simulation Live Forecast

  • The first row displays your Actual Profit & Cash results from the previous year. These figures do not change until the next rollover.
  • The second row displays your Forecast Profit & Forecast Cash for the year ahead. These figures are based on currently entered decisions, so they will update in real-time whenever you click “Apply” in any decision screen.

Click on the figures themselves to bring up either the Pro Forma Income Statement or the Pro Forma Cashflow Statement.

Default view for smaller screens. Click on the arrow to enlarge the Live Forecast.


Important Warning

The Live Forecast feature is designed only as an indicator of performance based on your currently entered decisions. It does not foretell your actual results.

The live forecast is based entirely on the decisions you enter. It does not take into consideration future market changes or your competitor decisions. So if based on these variables you end up selling more or less than you expected after the rollover, your actual results will be different than your forecast. So, your live forecast is only as accurate as your decisions.

Of particular importance is ensuring you have an accurate sales forecast:

How do I accurately forecast sales for the year ahead?

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