Smartsims Connection Problems FAQ


Last Updated 21 Sept 2016

If you are having difficulty getting Smartsims Windows Multi-Player software to connect successfully, then this
is the place to find the answers to resolve the issue:

* This FAQ is relevant to all Multi-Player software (MikesBikes Advanced, MikesBikes Intro, MikesBikes Accounting, Music2Go, AdSim)

The Connection Test fails

You have downloaded and installed the software* from your course webpage. However,
when you press the “Test” button on the login screen, the connection test fails. Check the possible causes below.

Cause #1. No Internet Connection

Check that you can open your web browser and access some websites. Try to access and

Cause #2. University or Corporate firewall is blocking connection.

This only applies if your computer is logged into a business or university network and connects to the internet
through that network. In order to allow your computer to connect to the Multi-Player server you will need to talk
to your IT support people and ask them to set up access through the firewall.

Click here for more information,
including a sample email which you can copy and send to your IT staff.

Cause #3. No DNS

If you can browse other websites, but not or, then that could indicate a problem with your DNS resolution.

Try turning your internet modem or router off at the wall and reconnecting

Cause #4. Your ISP is throttling traffic

Most of the traffic usage on the Internet today is peer-to-peer file sharing of music and movies. Some ISPs
have responded to that by prioritizing ‘traditional’ HTTP website traffic, and throttling everything else.

Our Windows software is very bandwidth efficient, but it requires a consistent traffic flow.
Unfortunately some traffic management policies result in long time-outs and packet loss which disrupt the data flow from
our servers.

Traffic management policies are usually tighter around peak use times. So if you are having trouble connecting
in the evening, then see what happens if you try to connect early in the morning instead. If this corrects
the problem then it is very likely that your ISP is throttling traffic.

Cause #5. Personal firewall / Antivirus software is blocking connection.

Many Antivirus software packages now scan all of your incoming / outgoing network traffic. You could try temporarily disabling
your Antivirus software to see if that makes a difference. If it does, then check the documentation for
your Antivirus software to see how to add an exception.

I get a “Mismatch on login/password” message

You have downloaded and installed your SmartSims software. You have entered your course connection information
and successfully “tested” the connection. You pressed the “Connect” button and entered your login and password.
But you get a “mismatch on login/password” message.

Cause#1. Incorrect login/password entered.

Your instructor will usually email your personal Multi-Player login and password to you when they are ready for you to use them.

Common mistakes:

  • Using your Single-player name and registration key (which you received by email when you paid and registered your software).
  • Confusing letters and numbers in your login or password (eg 1 & l, o & 0, v & w). If in doubt, copy the password from the email
    and paste it into the login screen.

I Still Can’t Connect!

If you are still experiencing difficulties after working through the material above, then run Multi-Player and
click on the Support button on the Connect or Login screens. Fill in the webpage describing the connection problem
and what you have tried to resolve it. This will automatically send us other debugging information.

If you are unable to use the Support webpage, mail, giving us
your name, course name, prof name, and as much information about the problem as you can.