Smartsims Firewall FAQ


Last Updated 24 June 2013


Read this if :

you are running the Windows Multi-Player software on a computer which is part of a university, school, or corporate network and are having trouble connecting


you are IT staff looking for information about configuring Multi-Player for use with your firewall.

For Course Participants:

In order to allow Multi-Player to connect to the server via the Internet, you will need to talk to your IT staff
and ask them to allow access to our servers through the firewall. A sample email you could send to your IT
staff is provided below:

Sample Email

Dear IT Support or System Administrator,

I am required to use an Internet-based business simulation as part of a course I am taking. This simulation service
is described more fully at

I understand that it is common for an organization to have a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to its
network from the Internet.

For me to use it successfully, the Smartsims Multi-Player client software needs to be able to make outgoing TCP/IP (IPv4) connections
through our firewall to the Smartsims servers/routers hosted on the Internet.

Because it does not use the HTTP protocol, some adjustment of the firewall configuration is likely.

More information can be found at:

If you have any concerns regarding this matter you can send them an email on my behalf, at

Thank you for your help. More information about the software follows:

Technical Info for IT Staff:

Thanks for your help with setting up our Multi-Player software so that your colleagues can use it on your network.

We are keen to help you set up the Multi-Player so that it communicates through your organization’s firewall
without compromising security.

The Windows Multi-Player client software needs to be able to use WinSock to make outgoing TCP/IP (IPv4) connections on ports 3150, 9150, and 80 to the Smartsims server/routers.
Once established, all data is transferred over that connection.
The client software does not ‘listen’ for incoming connections.

Please edit the out-bound TCP/IP filtering rules in your firewall to enable TCP connections from the user’s IP address to the following IP addresses and ports:

Primary Routers

  • port 3150     (
  • port 9150     (
  • port 3150     (
  • port 80        (

Backup Routers (used if Primary routers are unavailable)

  • port 3150
  • port 9150
  • port 3150
  • port 80

Important: Please ensure that the traffic is not throttled or de-prioritized
by your firewall. Our client software is bandwidth efficent (a typical 30 minute
session will use 500Kb – 1MB of data), but traffic management policies often cause timeouts and disconnections.

Our simulations have been used by over 250,000 students around the world over the past 10-15 years, and we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Smartsims Support