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Customer Relationship Management in AdSim

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) decisions are available from Year 3 of the AdSim Advertising Simulation. CRM decisions help you track and build relationships with your customers, as well as increase customer satisfaction to improve customer retention.

Decide what type of CRM System, Warranty, Support, and Loyalty system to fund:

CRM System: These applications allow you to keep track of your customers and to contact them with appropriate follow up offers when they are most likely to be thinking about upgrading. Depending on your budget you have the option of None, Entry Level, Mid Level or Custom Built.

Warranty: A warranty enables your customers to return a faulty product within a set period of time from purchase. Decide on the length of warranty your smartphones should have; 180 days, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

Support: What type of after-sales support should you offer; a basic user manual, an online Knowledge Base, an online Support Center, or SmartCare (a toll-free call center).

Loyalty: These promotions enable you to engage customers on an on-going basis to develop brand loyalty. Your options include a regular Email Newsletter, a Photo Contest, or a Video Contest.

Which option should I choose?

Purchase the Market Survey of Customer Needs Market Research at the right
hand side of your screen to find out which CRM options appeal the most to the New
and Repeat Customer segments:

How do I track my CRM performance?

Your decisions will result in a CRM Rating. This is a rating from 1 to 100 on how well
your chosen CRM options were perceived by your customers. You can see your CRM
Rating and how it compares to the Industry Average Rating at the right of the CRM

In Year 4 purchase the CRM Communications Study to see in more detail how your competitors performed, and what options your competitors chose to use last year:

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