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How to Modify a Product in MikesBikes Accounting

In MikesBikes you will have the opportunity to improve your product’s specifications and/or reduce its cost of production. How is this done?

1) Create a new Project Development

Navigate to the Design and Development Menu and click on the New button. You will need to:

  • Enter a project name.
  • Specify Style and Tech specifications using the Perceptual Map on the right-hand side of screen. You should aim for the center of the circle of the target market.
  • A Prime Cost and required Expenditure will be automatically calculated on-screen. We recommend you don’t change these figures.

Click Apply and your project will be created.

2) Modifying your Project

Once a rollover has been processed you can use your new project to develop your product.

  • Go to the Products menu and click on the product you wish to modify.
  • Click on the Modify button.
  • Select the newly created project and click Apply.

This completes the process of successfully modifying an existing product.

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