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Why did my Product Development Project Fail?

A Product Development Project is considered to have failed when it achieves a success rating of less than 90% (see Product Development Project Results).

Two reasons why your project failed:

  1. Your target prime cost was too low; and/or
  2. The expenditure was too low for the target specs or prime cost.

A failed project cannot be used to either modify an existing product or launch a new product. So you will need to complete a new project.

How do I conduct successful development projects?

  1. Using the mini perceptual map to the right of the project screen, enter Style and Tech Specs that place your product in the middle of the segment (the colored circle).
  2. The screen will then automatically calculate the required Prime Cost and Expenditure figures.

How do I manually calculate required budgeted expenditure?

The cost to achieve your targeted product specifications is calculated using the change in tooling from your closest previously completed project.

To calculate this:

1. Use the Product Development Project Results report to find an existing project with the closest desired specifications to your new project.

2. Once you have found this, calculate the difference in specifications between this and your desired new project.

For example, if you wanted to develop a new Leisure project with specs of Style: 50 Technical: 10

And your existing project was an Adventurer project had Style: 50 Technical: 60

The difference would be:

Style: 0
Technical: 50

3. Finally, calculate the required expenditure using the formula as stated on the Development Information report:

Cost per new Style specification = $1,000
Cost per new Technical specification = $20,000

So for our example above:

(0 x $1000) + (50 x $20,000)
= Expenditure required of $1m

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