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12 Key Performance Indicator Targets

In MikesBikes Accounting you are managing an existing bicycle manufacturing company who has been struggling in a competitive industry. Your objective is to improve the performance of this company. The success of your management will be determined by 12 Key Performance Targets (KPIs) set by your Board of Directors. These KPIs and your performance on each are located on your Balanced Scorecard.

What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? A quantifiable measure to evaluate the success of meeting a performance objective.

Financial KPIs

Your Shareholder Value (SHV) and Gross Margin indicate your company’s ability to generate revenue and profit. Your Board of Directors have set a minimum level for each.

Customer KPIs

An indication of how satisfied your customers are with your bikes. Measured by a minimum amount of sales (Wholesale Sales Revenue), an effective and efficient advertising spend (Advertising to Wholesale Sales), and the quality of your products (Warranty Rate).

Business Process KPIs

An indication of efficiency in manufacturing is measured by a minimum Production Utilization and a maximum percentage of Breakdowns, while keeping to a maximum Factory Capacity.

Learning and Growth KPIs

Your Board of Directors have set a minimum Skill Index and Motivation Index for your employees to measure the effectiveness of your Human Resource (HR) strategy. Your Board of Directors also want you to maintain a minimum Number of Products.

Example Balanced Scorecard and KPI targets

Note: After logging into your MikesBikes Accounting company, you should view the Balanced Scorecard menu to view your company-specific targets.

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