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The Market Segments in Music2Go

This headphones industry is categorized into three market segments; Music
Headphones, Gaming Headphones and Fitness Headphones.

Music Headphones

Music Headphones are the most common consumer headphones on the market. This style of headphones tends to be larger in size, sit on/over the ears, and can be wired or wireless.

The recommended price range for Music Headphones is $85 to $105. Customers tend to look for a product with reasonable specifications, with a well-known brand and is readily available from stores. However, customers are not tied to a particular brand. They are willing to purchase the cheapest product that meets their needs.

Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones are a specialist product for amateur and professional gamers with an integrated microphone. Customers in this market are looking for a feature packed product, which is comfortable for hours of use and has virtual surround sound and long battery-life for that marathon gaming session.

The recommended price range for this market is to pay between $115 to $140, with most happy at the higher end of this range for a product which gives them an edge.

Fitness Headphones

Customers in this segment need a pair of headphones to support their active lifestyle. Be it motivational music to push them further at the gym or on a run, or simply listen to their favorite podcast on that long walk. Fitness Headphones need to be water resistant, shockproof and lightweight.

This is potentially a large market but with a smaller price range; $50 to $65.

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