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Annual Marketing Budget in Music2Go Marketing

In the Music2Go Marketing Simulation you are given a fixed budget every year to plan and implement your Sales and Marketing campaign. The amount will vary depending on how successful you are.

Your Marketing Budget is calculated using the larger of either $25m or 50% of your gross margin (up to a maximum of $50m).


If your Sales Revenue last year was $150m, and your Cost of Goods Sold was $90m, then your Gross Margin would be $60m. As such, your marketing budget for the upcoming year would be: 0.5 * $60m = $30m.

You can check your current Marketing Budget using the Live Forecast or viewing the Budget Spending Report.

Increased Budget for New Product Launch

Whenever a new product is launched your budget will increase by $10m for a single period to allow you to build initial awareness for your new product.

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