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How to Price Products in Music2Go Marketing

What is Retail Price

Retail Price is one of the four main factors that go into determining a good Marketing Mix for your product and the most influential decision on sales and profit.

The Retail Price is the price you suggest to your distributors that they sell your product for. The distributor receives a percentage of the Retail Price and you receive the remaining amount, known as Wholesale Price.

Wholesale Price = Retail Price – Retailer Margin Percentage

Setting a reasonable Retail Price is of high priority and should align with your overall strategy, considering;

  • The price sensitivity of consumers in your target segments (Market Information report), and;
  • How sensitive is this market segment to price? What are the minimum and
    maximum price levels for this market?
  • The price of competing products in the Market (Some Product Details report).

Setting your Retail Price

Once you have completed your analysis of the consumers in the market and your competitors, you can decide whether it is worthwhile to decrease your Retail Price in an attempt to increase units sold, or whether an increase in Retail Price is possible to increase product gross margin.

Your Retail Price must also align with the overall marketing and company strategy, for example:

  • High Cost/Low Production Volume
  • Low Cost/High Production Volume
  • Medium Cost/Medium Production Volume

View the Some Product Details report, or purchase the All Product Details report, in comparison to your competitors does your product have low Awareness or low Distribution? If so you should price your product at the lower end of the market, if not and demand of your product is still average to high, then you can price your products at the higher end of the market.

Have a look at our tutorial video which demonstrates how to set your Retail Price in further detail.

Extreme prices, high or low, will have a negative effect on Gross Margins.

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