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Marketing Communications in AdSim

Marketing Communication decisions are available from Year 5:

Choose from various types of Sales Promotions, Trade Promotions, Sponsorships, and Social Influencer initiatives to increase your exposure and attract new customers:

Sales Promotion: Choose an accessory to bundle with your smartphone. A Phone Case, a Streaming Subscription, a Portable Speaker, or a Wireless Charger.

Trade Promotion: These initiatives make your smartphone more attractive
to distributors and help with in-store promotion. Trade Shows, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Sales Training for Retailers, or Co-operative Advertisements with Retailers.

Sponsorship: Choose an event or sport to sponsor. A College Football sponsor, an E-Sports sponsor, sponsor a major International Tennis Tournament, or sponsor Fashion Week.

Social Influencer: Choose from one of four social influencers you want to work with. Bloggers and Vloggers, Micro-Influencers, Social Media Stars, or Celebrities.

How do I decide which option to choose?

You should purchase the Market Survey of Customer Needs to help guide your Marketing Communication choices as the New and Repeat Customer segments may prefer different options.

How do I track my Marketing Communication performance?

Your decisions will result in a Marketing Communication Rating. This is a rating from 1 to 100 on how well your chosen Marketing Communication options were perceived by your customers. You can see your Marketing Communication Rating and how it compares to the Industry Average Rating at the right of the decision screens.

In Year 6 purchase the Marketing Communications Study at the right of your screen to see in more detail how your competitors performed, and what options your competitors chose to use last year.

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