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Social Media and Mobile Learning Trends in Education

Cisco/WebEx have featured three interesting on-demand webinars from leaders in the education field talking about emerging trends in education including social media and


mobile learning. Each contains specific advice and case studies. We hope you find these

sessions helpful and thought provoking.

Simply click on the title that interests you and you’ll be taken to a landing page where you can begin listening.

Blending Traditional and Online Learning: 101 Best Practices for Getting Started

This webinar details the shift in classroom environments toward hybrid learning, blending both traditional brick-and-mortar learning environments with online learning.

Hybrid models offer a powerful mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning styles, enabling students to master core content online while deepening critical thinking, problem solving and application of content mastery in a face-to-face setting.

This presentation, presented by Aventa Learning/K12, Inc. in partnership with the Santa Clara County of Education, will offer real-world examples of how schools can successfully incorporate a hybrid model

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Launching a Mobile Learning Program: What You Need to Know

Today’s students are connected, and now it’s time to connect them to the classroom. Embracing of new learning programs using devices like Netbooks and iPads can increase student engagement, enthusiasm, and reduce textbook costs.

This webinar features Lake Tahoe Unified School District’s journey to capitalize on low cost Netbooks, and introduce them to the learning environment.

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Beyond the Classroom; Making Moble and Social Learning Work in Schools

This webinar is targeted toward Technology and Curriculum staff interested in rolling out new online tools, and embracing collaborative learning safely.

Education-tech visionary Kevin Honeycutt and the Atlanta Independent School District give you real-world suggestions and cautions from a district that serves as a technology integration demonstration site for Texas. There are also technical tips for ensuring that your network is prepared for new learning opportunities, and ideas for engaging students, involving teachers, and getting buy-in from administrators and boards

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Source:, with editing by Ian McPherson

2011 National Business Olympiad

The National Business Olympiad (NBO) is being conducted once again by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Confluence in association with Smartsims India (iInteract Learning Solutions) across India this year.

After the success of NBO 2010 which was conducted in 17 cities, NBO 2011 is being planned for 70+ cities across India using MikesBikes-Advanced, with a total prize pool of for a grand prize of Rs 1,025,000.

NBO is a Business Simulation Competition for Corporate Executives and Students, conducted to test their Knowledge, Skills, Decision Making and Business Acumen in areas of Finance, Marketing, Operations and R&D.


Stage I: Competitions

Competitions will be held across the country in the months of January – November 2011. The winners will move onto the Grand–Final Prelims that will be held in November, 2011 at IIM Ahmedabad.

Stage II: Grand–Final Prelims

300+ winning teams from city competitions will compete for a place in the Grand Final.

Stage III: Grand-Final

The Top 8 performers from the Grand-Final Prelims will compete for the winning title, earning bragging rights, and generous prize money!

1st Prize : INR 100,000
2nd Prize : INR 25,000

The Grand Final will be held at IIM Ahmedabad Campus during Confluence 2011, their Flagship Business Summit conducted annually since 1998.

Confluence hosts events from all the standard arenas of Management – Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and IT and Operations. Many distinguished speakers and industry leaders share their knowledge, and the event provides a platform to budding managers to apply their skills in various games and events organized during the meet, including the MikesBikes competition.

MikesBikes-Advanced is a Strategic Management Simulation by Smartsims Business Simulations. MikesBikes gives students the unique opportunity of running their own company, while competing against other students, within a realistic and dynamic environment.

Students form the management team of their own Bicycle Manufacturing Company, making all the key functional decisions. They will analyze real Market and Financial reports, and collaborate with each other to formulate, implement, and review their own cross-functional strategic plan.

– Ian McPherson