Mason (MikesBikes Student) received award from DMACC President

Hall of Fame Award Presented to DMACC Student

On the 6th of January, Robert Denson (President of Des Moines Area Community College) presented Mason G. Ohnemus with a plaque commemorating his amazing achievement making the MikesBikes Hall of Fame.

Mason G. Ohnemus was able to apply theories he learnt in class to his simulated firm to achieve a Shareholder Value of $391.77. In doing so, he has earned himself a position within our 2016/2017 MikesBikes Introduction Hall of Fame! Smartsims would like to congratulate Mason for striving to be the best he possibly can.

In attendance on this proud day was his Instructor (Russell Holmes) and several other satisfied members of the community and staff.

We extend our appreciation and admiration of Russell Holmes who organized the plaque and the award ceremony for Mason. It is very clear that Russell is truly passionate about education and his students’ success.

What a wonderful start to 2017!