The Modern Classroom & Smartsims

“K-12 education isn’t using technology effectively and isn’t investing nearly enough in IT infrastructures to enable next-generation learning”

That’s the conclusion of a new report, ‘Unleashing the Potential of Technology in Education’, which called for greater financial commitment to educational technology in our schools.¹ By not focusing more on boosting student outcomes with online technology, traditional educational practices may end up leaving a vast gap in the coming generations’ capabilities.

A 2011 XpertHR learning and development survey announced that using online computer training improves skills at considerably greater rate than traditional methods.² This makes online learning an indispensable educational tool.

The good news is that once students reach College/University, they are being given the opportunity to experience online technologies as business schools across the board have been increasing their use of online learning. The economic downturn is also increasing demand for online courses. As of April 2011, 60% of private sector colleges and universities reported that online education is critical to their long-term strategies.³ This can be attributed to online student enrollments continuing to be the most rapidly growing sector in higher education.

This transition to online learning has opened new teaching methods previously unavailable to Instructors. Experiential learning, like that of simulations, allows students to translate theory into practice. Simulations help students retain far more information than traditional teaching methodologies, as they become immersed in the experience of the concepts being taught, rather than only reading or hearing about them.

From an Instructor’s perspective, using a business simulation allows them to come alongside their students to direct their learning, rather than simply talking at their students. This also gives students a sense of ownership over what they learn, and the experience itself will remain in their memories long-term. In fact, we have past-students contact us on a regular basis to request our simulations be used in their new workplace, or even at the school they now teach at, as it was the highlight of their degree and something they now want their colleagues or students to experience.

Smartsims have a reputation for high quality simulations and world-class customer service; something we’ve developed over our 20 years of industry experience. Students are taught the fundamental concepts of business and strategy directly through business simulation. Students also learn important real-world skills such as working within a team, situational analysis, how to read real financial and market reports, and the formulation of strategy based on their findings. Our business simulations are extremely flexible and can be integrated into a wide variety of on-campus and online courses.

– Danny Master and Ian McPherson

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