winning team from the strategic management event at njit

Third Annual Strategic Management Showcase at NJIT

Last December, NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management ran its third annual Strategic Management Showcase.

The top-performing teams from the 2016 Fall Semester Capstone course were selected to compete using MikesBikes Advanced for prizes. The criteria for judging the winning team was 80% on their performance in the simulation (i.e. based on the Shareholder Value) and 20% on their presentation. They must also be able to demonstrate their analytical decision-making skills in multiple areas including product development, marketing, finance and operations.

The competition concluded with The Cycle Path winning first place after having been bankrupted early in the competition! This is certainly quite a feat in itself. The team consisted of Yidi Wu, Michael Teixeira and Amad Ellahi. We decided to get in touch and interview them, they had the following to say:

“This business simulation was exceptionally fun. Our team was fully engaged in this competition for the grade, money and mockery of other teams when we win, and we did. Fierce competition kept this business simulation exceedingly fun, especially since the other teams are putting up a fight. This simulation definitely made me realize things will never as smoothly as you might think. Have a strategy in mind, be prepared when things go south.”

The showcase concluded with an awards ceremony to recognize the winners.

Congratulations to the winning team and participants of the third annual Strategic Management Showcase!

You can watch the full event here.