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Tutorial Video: How To Modify An Existing Product In MikesBikes-Advanced

The video above will show you how you can modify an existing product within MikesBikes-Advanced. The video features the Single-Player version of the simulation but you can still use the same process for Multi-Player. For more information on this topic please see the MikesBikes-Advanced Product Development Guide or watch the MikesBikes-Advanced Video 5 – Design & Development video, both of which are also available under the Manuals and Videos section of the Smartsims website once you log in.

We have provided you with the script for the video below to read through:

“This video will demonstrate how to modify an existing product in MikesBikes-Advanced.

This is done by:
1) Creating a new design and
2) Applying the new design to an existing product.

Navigate to the Design and Development Menu and click on the New button. Name the project you can identify it, specify Style and Tech specs based on consumer preferences, allocate a prime cost, and allocate an expenditure figure. Once done, Apply your decision.

A project only becomes available to use after one period in the simulation. After a processed rollover, navigate to the Products Screen, click on the Product you wish to modify, and then click on the Modify button. Click on the newly created project, and then Apply. This completes the process of successfully modifying an existing product.”


By Danny Master

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