Advertising Media Mix in AdSim

In Year 1 you will need to decide on a Total Advertising Budget and make an Advertising Plan. From Year 2, you are given addition Advertising Media Mix decisions to make.

You will see under the Advertising Plan menu there are now five sub-menus for you to allocate your advertising budget:

Social Media: Social Network, Media Sharing, Discussion, Bookmarking, and Consumer Review.

Under Social Network you can target your spending by Entertainment, Family and Friends, Fitness, Shopping and Fashion, Sports and Outdoors.

Digital Media: Search, Display / Banner, Digital Video, Digital Audio, and Email.

For Display / Banner, Digital Video and Digital Audio you can target your audience by category and age range.

TV: Broadcast / Network, Cable, Local Spot, and Sports Network.

For Broadcast / Network, Local Spot and Sports Network you can target your audience by time of day, region and category.

Print: Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mail, and Out of Home.

Radio: Hip Hop / Rap, Rock, Country, Talk, and Adult Contemporary.

Hip Hop / Rap can be targeted by time of day.


How do I best allocate my advertising budget?

View the media research report at the right of each Advertising Media Mix decision screen to find more information about each of the choices, and the ideal allocation for the New and Repeat Customer segments.

Additional reports can be purchased at the right of each screen:

Each has a cost which will be deducted from your overall budget but are important in making the best allocations, and tracking the performance of your decisions and your competitor’s results.

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