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Purchasing Market Research in Music2Go Marketing

In Music2Go Marketing, the Market Research decision screen is used to decide which market research reports you wish to purchase to help you make decisions for the year ahead.

The reports available for purchase each year is as follows:

  • All Product Details Report – A comparison of all products in the market including price, sales volume, estimated lost sales, product awareness, distribution coverage, and design rating.
  • Pricing Overview – Shows the sales volume, price index, retail price, wholesale
    price, production cost, and gross margin for all firms and products. This is
    useful for analyzing your competitors’ cost structure.
  • Product Awareness Increase Due to Media Advertising – The increase in product awareness of each of your products due to each media type that it was
    advertised in the last period. This allows you to see which parts of your advertising mix were most effective in increasing product awareness last period.
  • Distribution Coverage and Sales Promotion – Shows distribution coverage, sales promotion budget, sales promotion rating, stage of the product life cycle, and sales promotion mix effectiveness for all firms and products.
  • Retail Performance and Stores Stocking – Shows retailer margin, distribution
    coverage, and the number of stores stocking each product in the Music2Go

There is a variety of free Market Research reports available every year under the Key Reports menu.

Purchasing Market Research Reports

Selecting a report will allow you to purchase it by pushing the “Buy” button. If you have already bought the report then it will be available for you to view in the report pane below.

Purchasing market research is an instant decision and cannot be undone. Once you have purchased the report(s) and spent the money, that amount will no longer be available for you to spend on your other marketing activities this year.

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