Camille Canuto

Camille Canuto Joins The Smartsims Team

Welcome Camille Canuto!

The newest addition to our Auckland Office will be graduating from The University of Auckland this May with a double major in Employment Relations & Organization Studies and Film, TV and Media Studies. She has previously worked in a customer service environment for nearly four years.

Camille has gained experience with MikesBikes-Advanced while completing her MGMT 300 paper (Management in Dynamic Contexts) at the University of Auckland. One of the many things she learned while using MikesBikes besides the importance of teamwork and thinking critically, is the ability to adapt and accept change. She believes that there are concepts that cannot be taught in class just by discussing theories alone. Considering the eye opening experience she has had with MikesBikes, she is eager for others to benefit from using Smartsims and gain experience in a safe, cultivating environment.

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