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Website Updates for Jan 2011

Running a Smartsims Business Simulation has never been easier! January 2011 sees our revamped course pages launched and ready for use.

Instructors and Students alike will benefit from simplified and easy to navigate course pages, with all necessary resources at their fingertips.

Updated Student Coursepages

New Student Welcome page
This is the new Welcome page for students. Students are provided with steps on getting started, including our Quickstart guide to get them acquainted with the simulation, a guide to our 24/7 support, and information on launching the simulation.


New Student Product Page
The most substantial change has been to narrowing down access to the simulation to a single webpage. Students can download or launch their company, and access all resources through the single product menu.


Updated Instructor Coursepages

New Administrator Launch Page
Here you can quickly launch the Online Administrator, allowing you to monitor and edit your simulation from any computer with internet access. Highly convenient for smaller courses, and works with all major web-browsers. The Windows software version is still available through this page, which we recommend for larger courses and/or advanced users.

update3New Instructor Product Page
The Instructor Product Page enables you to access any of your students firms if required, as well as download all of the simulation resources.


Feel free to click on the Contact Us menu on your left if you have any questions.

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