Picture of David Kitlan, the instructor for the course at penn state that uses MikesBikes

David Kitlan of Penn State and MikesBikes


David Kitlan of Penn State University, was a recent winner of a customer draw that we conducted for a new Apple iPad. He has been a long time user of our MikesBikes-Intro Simulation, and would like to take this opportunity to share his experiences with you all.

David teaches in area of Information Sciences and Technology, and Business Administration. He has been using MikesBikes for almost ten years in one of his courses:

“This course combines aspects of information technology with business processes and uses the Smartsims simulation as one of its main team projects during the semester. The simulation helps to provide our Penn State students with a realistic business environment in which they can compete against each other while they learn how to improve and apply their business and informational skills. I have had students who received job opportunities based in part on being able to better describe their understanding of business processes to potential employers as a result of participating in the Smartsims simulation”.

Smartsims is proud to be continuously working with David Kitlan and Penn State University.

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