Music2Go Updates for 2013

We’ve been busy over the last couple of months making some key changes to our Music2Go Marketing Simulation. These will be put in place from January 2013.

We believe the following changes will make the simulation even more enjoyable for all students:

Improved Market Research: We have condensed select existing Market Research reports into fewer more detailed reports:

  • All Product Details (added Estimated Lost Sales for all firms) – students should really buy this every period as this is the minimum information set you need to see what your competitors are doing.
  • Pricing Overview – shows Sales Units, Price Index, Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Production Cost, and Gross Margin for all firms / products.
  • Distribution Coverage and Sales Promotion – Distribution Index, Sales Promotion Rating, and Promotion Mix Effectiveness for all firms / products.
  • Retail Performance and Stores Stocking – Distribution Index, Retail Margin, Total Retailer Margin, and Number of Stores Stocking for all firms / products.

Free Industry Market Research Reports: We have found that some students have been reluctant to buy Market Research, even with our encouragement. So what we have done is provide a few of the fundamental reports free under the Market Research menu. These contain the data which remains the unchanged over the simulation, and will be required for students to do well:

  • Some Product Details
  • Segment Size and Price Range
  • Segment Media Advertising Preferences
  • Segment Distribution Preferences
  • Segment Product Development Preferences (New Report)

Base Budget Upper Limit: There will be a $50m base budget maximum. This has been put into place to reduces the advantage that lead firms have, and force them to plan more carefully if they want to maintain multiple products.

Increased Demand: We have increased the demand in all segments to make it easier for struggling firms to maintain positive net marketing contribution. Also, there will be a greater initial distribution boost for new products, which will make it easier for these firms to compete with established products.

Revised Players Manual / Quickstart Guide: We have updated the Music2Go documentation, including making students aware of the upper budget limit, and the upper limit Inventory Purchases.

If you have any questions on these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

– Ian McPherson

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