Andrew Patterson

Teaching with the MikesBikes Business Simulation

In this video, Professor Andrew Patterson of the University of Auckland discusses his experience using MikesBikes with his undergraduate students. He describes how the MikesBikes business simulation provided a new, effective system to engage his students.

Andrew has spent the last 12 years professing in the Faculty of Business and Economics. He is currently using strategic management simulations like MikesBikes in his undergraduate courses. These business simulations remediate what Andrew identifies as shortcomings of traditional learning styles.

Traditionally, learning environments have been passive systems unable to effectively target large student cohorts. Andrew found MikesBikes provided an entirely new form of experiential learning. He used the business simulator to provide students with business and management simulations where they could strategize and apply class content. This allowed him to focus on guiding students through their business strategies, building on their educational experience.

His course design focused heavily on his student’s experiences in the simulations and their reflective observations. Andrew primarily used his lecturing time to meet with student teams and coordinate their business, management and marketing strategies. The course was graded, 20% on the overall performance of their business’ performance and 80% on the student’s learning journal. Andrew notes that MikesBikes simulations made this reflective journal component possible.

The simulations allowed him to keep his finger on the course’s pulse, setting period goals and observing their execution. He could teach his course and observe his student’s response in real-time through a simulated business environment. Both he and his students were able to apply course content and reflect on its effectiveness. This experiential learning environment created an active foundation where students could reflect on their learning using their own simulated business models.

Andrew closes in saying that in over a decade of teaching, he has never encountered anything like MikesBikes simulations. The level of student engagement and experiential interaction made it a positive experience for him as a professor. His students added that it was one of the best learning experiences they have had in university – this was echoed by their high attendance and engagement in class. Their experiences with the simulations provided tangible case studies for them as they began their careers; proving that its learning potential goes beyond the classroom.