The Benefits of Business Simulations to Students & Instructors

What are Business Simulations?

What are the Benefits & Learning Outcomes to Students using a Business Simulation?

Why are Business Simulators important to Instructors & Professors Teaching a Business Course?

The foundation of simulation-based learning is that we learn best by doing. Business simulation games bring business terminology and concepts to life. By giving students their own virtual company they become engaged with course content and bridge theory with practice.

Competing either individually or in teams, students find business simulations an engaging, realistic and memorable learning experience. Professors report learning outcomes such as student engagement, increased motivation, real management skills, workforce readiness and confidence in job interviews.

Business Simulators are an immersive experience for students that allow for a wide variety of teaching methods; including experiential learning, reflective learning, action learning and the flipped classroom. Business simulations offer significant benefits for students and teachers alike, with the potential to improve student engagement, learning outcomes and workforce readiness.

Smartsims have a variety of simulations; each tailored for a particular course type and level:

Foundations of Business Simulation: MikesBikes Introduction

Strategic Management & Capstone Simulation: MikesBikes Advanced

Principles of Marketing Simulation: Music2Go Marketing

Introduction to Advertising Simulation: AdSim Advertising

Management Accounting Simulation: MikesBikes Accounting